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To: Norwich City Council

Speed bumps save lives

Speed bumps save lives

Place speed bumps along Sandy Lane.

Why is this important?

For years we’ve been waiting for the road to be made safer. No one sticks to the 20mph speed limit and there have been numerous crashes due to people driving wreckless around the blind corner.
Sandy Lane is a very busy road! There are lots of children and elderly residents who live close by that frequent the park and shop.
Due to people totally ignoring the speed limit and there being no speed camera to monitor the traffic, I strongly believe the road and residents would benefit from speed bumps.
If drivers won’t willingly slow down then put safety measures in place!
It was only three days ago that ANOTHER crash happened outside my kitchen window!
And last year our beautiful kitty was ran over by a wreckless speeding driver.
I know I’m not alone in wanting the council to do something to make where we live safer so please help me by signing as it will help everyone else.

Sandy Lane, Norwich NR1 2NN

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