To: West Dorset District Council

STAND - Save The Area North of Dorchester

STAND - Save The Area North of Dorchester

Reject the inclusion in the Local Plan of the area north of Dorchester as a preferred option for major building development.

Why is this important?

The building of 3,500 houses to the north of the town is being proposed in a revised local plan.

This would radically and irrevocably change the character of the town.

One of the defining features of Dorchester is the sharp cut off between town and countryside. Once building has been allowed on the slopes beyond the watermeadows, what’s to stop the town sprawling over the countryside? Shouldn’t we be protecting our environment, agriculture and our tourist industry?

Although there’s a need for affordable housing, there is no guarantee of how much of such a development would be affordable; recent figures for East Dorset show that 25% of housing there is bought by Londoners. We call on WDDC to share the proposed house building targets more equably across the district.

More details can be found here

You can follow updates in Dorchester's community magazine, Dorchester Voice here:

How it will be delivered

The petition was delivered in person to WDDC on 8 October to meet the consultation deadline, but we will keep it going until the Council meets to make the final decision.

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Reasons for signing

  • 1.The only unspoilt country within the town reached with- out a car. 2.The London judge at last application to build there said when refusing it "There is a time-lessness about this place which must not be disturbed". Many countries honour Thomas Hardy O.M. for the great scene here in his famous novel on Dorchester. Also, the houses will not be for local people but for 2nd homes. richer people.
  • 3,500 new dwellings on the (presently unspoilt) northern edge of Dorchester = a likely population increase of around 10,000 people and some 7,000 additional vehicles using the already overcrowded local roads. How is a local authority that already needs to make massive savings going to afford the additional infrastructure & services needed to support this massive development? These are issues that will be the tax payer's problem, not the property developer's.
  • Given the innumerable reports each winter of the flooding of properties built on flood plains and water meadows by greedy developers and corrupt or incompetent councils you would have thought this would never have been considered. This must be stopped.


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