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To: All citizens concerned about Black Lives Matter

Statement of Atonement to the descendants of all enslaved and colonised peoples.

This statement of atonement is offered to the descendants of all enslaved and colonised peoples.

In the wake of global protests following on from the murder of George Floyd, it has become increasingly clear that there is a need for a formal acknowledgement of the harm that has been done to generations of people of colour flowing from the indignities of the slave trade and colonialism. This means not just individuals, but nations who have been stripped of so many people who would have made significant contributions to the development of their countries. The loss of this potential has continuing effect to this day. These countries have remained underdeveloped as a consequence of the Atlantic slave trade and European imperialism. This includes the generational loss of income both inherited and earned at the hands of employers who have seen fit to pay people of colour at a lower rate than their white colleagues and peers. This includes putting people of colour in situations where they have been more at risk to life-threatening illness. This includes the opportunities lost over generations, the property destroyed and the lives lost. For being disproportionately imprisoned, searched and targeted. Life has been made more difficult for people of colour as a result. Your natural resources and your art have been plundered. Your culture appropriated.

For these things we, the people, offer our sincere apologies.

Atonement and reparation would rightly be made on a governmental level. In the absence of such action, we as citizens are taking it into our own hands to offer our apologies and sorrow for your suffering.

These things should not have happened.

We the undersigned offer our unconditional apologies for the harm, distress, loss, grief and prejudice you have endured. We stand by you, our fellow human beings, as equals and offer our love and sincere apologies on behalf of those who profit off your backs and those who have gone before us gaining both in stature, financially, socially and politically at your expense.

We commit to doing all in our power to bring about the changes that are necessary to create a just and equal society where this can never happen again.

We, the people, stand by you.

Why is this important?

When one person is affected, we all are.



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