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To: 3D Cakes

Stop 3D cakes profiting off the coronavirus.

Stop 3D cakes profiting off the coronavirus.

Remove the completely ridiculous "change of date" charge you've imposed on all brides having to postpone their weddings (due to government mandated cancellations on weddings and similar events)

£92 to change the date of a wedding over two months away is absolutely absurd. Of all the suppliers i've had contact with and spoken to brides about you are the only ones profiting off such a tragic situation.

In most cases your charge is a half to a third of what the entire cake cost initially.

Why is this important?

Brides and Grooms should not be penalised for a situation out with their control and no decent, honest and empathetic company should be MAKING extra money out of an epidemic that has seen thousands of people lose their lives.

I urge you to do the decent thing, as countless other suppliers have, and remove the charge and refund all those who have already paid out of fear of losing their deposits.


Reasons for signing

  • Its disgusting profiting out of this virus,weddings are stressful enough without having the destressing news that you have to rearrange it through no fault of your own
  • Friend impacted
  • Friend affected


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