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To: The Premier League

Stop advertising gambling in your stadiums!

The PL encourages Mental Health Awareness, but continues to run tens of thousands of ads for harmful products. Do the right thing and stop all gambling advertising in stadiums now

Why is this important?

Hundreds of thousands of people are addicted to gambling in the UK, and every day someone takes their life due to gambling.

A recent study found up to 3,500 gambling logos were visible during a single televised Premier League game. Another study found fans received 11,000 gambling messages during the opening weekend of the Premier League last August.

Children, and everyone who watches the Premier League, do not need to face this advertising barrage.

The gambling industry spends £1.5 billion on advertising and marketing every year and studies show a clear link between exposure to gambling advertising and increased gambling.

Last year the Premier League said it would phase out front-of-shirt gambling sponsors by the 2026/27 season, but this won’t remove the vast majority of ads that appear around stadiums.

During Mental Health Awareness week, the Premier League talked about a “mentally healthy culture across the game”,  encouraging young fans to talk about their mental health, but didn’t mention the adverts with links to mental health-harming gambling products. 

Tell the Premier League, if it’s serious about mental health, to remove the ads from all its stadiums. Let's make the next season the first to be gambling ad free!



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