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To: All UK media outlets

Stop advertising gambling on your platforms

All UK broadcasters, newspapers and online media outlets must stop advertising harmful gambling products across their platforms.

Why is this important?

Up to 1.4 million people are addicted to gambling in the UK and every day someone takes their life because of gambling.

The gambling industry spends £1.5 billion on advertising and marketing every year and studies show a clear link between exposure to gambling advertising and increased gambling.

But the Government’s recent gambling white paper took no action on gambling ads, allowing them to continue to swamp television and radio broadcasts as well as appear relentlessly across newspapers and the internet.

In June, the Guardian newspaper decided to stop gambling advertising across all its platforms after concerns about “the pervasive nature of retargeted digital advertisements that trap a portion of sports fans in an addictive cycle.”

We need other media outlets and their staff in the UK to step up and stop making money out of misery.

We’re asking all UK broadcasters, newspapers and online media outlets, as well as well-known individuals and celebrities, to stop advertising harmful gambling products across all your platforms.

It’s only a matter of time before gambling advertising is forbidden, history will look kindly on those that make the step voluntarily.




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