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To: Philip Hammond, Foreign Secretary

Stop America topping up Israel's bombs

Stop America topping up Israel's bombs

Please could you use Britain's special relationship with the USA to persuade America to stop topping up Israel's stock of bombs and other weapons from the USA military's surplus stores . If Israel's weapons run out and are not replaced, they might realise that they are safer being nice to their neighbours Topping up Israel's weapons makes the USA complicit in the carnage.

Why is this important?

If Philip Hammond could pressure America to stop supplying additional arms to Israel as the massacre uses up Israel's stock, maybe Israel would have a weaponless space to think about how dangerous they are making the world for all of us
Israelis do not apparently see pictures of the devastation. I hope that America does, and that Americans may not be too happy that their government is implicated in massacres that will probably be shown to be war crimes

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