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To: Uk Press

Stop and Think

Stop and Think

Immigrants such as myself today and since the Brexit referendum have been vilified trough the media and press during the Brexit campaign.
We have been turned from working people integrated into their communities and country to the enemy that came to steal jobs and improperly use the NHS.

Why is this important?

Xenofobia that has been promoted as a means to an end, so that those who wish to see the UK leave the European Union hate European citizens has been on the increase and as many other immigrants I have been on the receiving end of it many times since the referendum.
My very first job in the UK in 1998 was with the NHS, it still is.
I as European immigrants all over the country have been providing health care, services, and working towards the good of all whilst earning a salary that allows us to survive without resorting to ask for any benefits, when applying for a job no immigrant had an advantage they had to have the skills and knowledge to be able to do the job they applied for, so there was no jobs stealing, there is enough jobs for all and we can all, as we did for so many years work happily together.
We immigrants as a whole contributed so much to the UK economy trough our taxes, paying rent, buying food, clothes and generally by living in the UK . And are being portrayed as something we are not. The abusive and misleading campaign against our presence in a European country that has always welcomed immigration needs to stop.
Please Stop and Think we are all human with the same rights is it ok to abuse others based on their nationality or country of birth?
Please sign the petition let's not politics change our society for the worse.



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