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To: Dominic Raab

Stop Arms Exports to the USA

Please suspend all arms exports to the USA.

Why is this important?

Right now arms are being used by the USA to fight back against the peaceful protests of black citizens. This is ingrained into the systematic racism that is rampant in the country. We need to ensure that we send a strong message to the USA that we do not approve of them using arms for fighting peaceful protestors, who are fighting for equality within their country.

One needs to only look at the videos being shared by users on social media. Including police firing rubber bullets directly into the eyes of protestors, despite being peaceful. Or tear gas being used very frequently, and as a first resort. Our relationship with the USA is special, and as a result of our "special relationship" (government's words, not mine), we should be pressuring the USA to do the right thing.

One final thing to note that is that opposition MPs are also calling for the UK to stop arms trade with the USA for the same reasons. You can find a source of this at



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