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To: Barclays Bank, with copies to the Financial Conduct Authority, Ruth Cadbury M.P., and councillors of the London Borough of Hounslow

Stop Barclays Bank closing their Brentford branch in June 2021

Brentford Voice expects Barclays Bank to acknowledge their social and economic responsibility to the community, individuals and businesses in Brentford, and to reconsider the intended branch closure.

Why is this important?

The closure would be a devastating blow and it would leave our community with neither a bank nor a post office. The nearest Barclays branches, and branches of any other bank, would be at Ealing Broadway, Hounslow High Street, Chiswick High Road, and Richmond town centre.

Many in our community, including the most vulnerable, have no access to online banking facilities and they would find it very difficult indeed to conduct their affairs at other bank branches. During the current Covid crisis it is particularly inappropriate to require customers to travel considerable distances, often by public transport.

In recent years, Brentford has experienced very considerable increases in population and this growth will accelerate in the coming few years. We would suggest that the imminent closure of this branch is entirely inappropriate and may, in the fullness of time, be regarded as a very poor business decision

London Borough of Hounslow, UK

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