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Stop the BBC cutting R3 Late Junction

Stop the BBC cutting  R3 Late Junction

Stop the planned cuts to BBC R3 Late Junction

Why is this important?

Late Junction is a vital outlet for new 'folk' , 'experimental' and 'world' music. It is one of the only places on the BBC that gives a platform to new world music artists directly from the BBC Introducing uploader. To cut the already limited potential airtime will be damaging for both artists and fans of these genres. If the BBC needs to save money , please trim some fat from the mainstream programming and leave these vital areas to grow and thrive.


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Reasons for signing

  • Late Junction opens the world of new and unusual music. Its loss shows a step toward narrowcasting and gazing at the world with a mirror not a window. Save Late Junction as a 4 day fixture.
  • I have signed this petition as I have listened to Late Junction for years and I can honestly say the range and breadth of music is beyond anything you will hear on mainstream radio. Tune in and see for yourself! Please BBC, reconsider your decision. Thank you.
  • I’ve only just discovered late junction. The BBC sounds app is opening up music that I couldn’t access before - I’m not a night owl. This programme is now my favourite radio - fresh innovation eclectic. It needs a far wider audience than just R3


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