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To: Parliament

Stop companies making millions on social housing

Stop companies making millions on social housing

Stop major companies buying social housing then evicting tenants to then make a huge profit from re renting them to local councils. Change the law to prevent large companies from being able to buy large amounts of social housing ( with tenants in ) and then evict them to make millions in profit

Why is this important?

People who have paid their rent, paid their bills never caused any issues being forced out of their homes by greedy companies making millions by buying social housing then re renting them back to local councils who then use them to house homeless people. So effectively making people homeless to house the homeless


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Reasons for signing

  • To prevent such an atrocity happening go others across our country.
  • People who work and pay tax lost their home and stay homeless for homeless ?
  • Private profit chasing landlords and social housing don't mix.


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