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To: PM Boris Johnson, Chancellor of the Exchequer Sajid Javid, and HMRC

Stop bosses paying illegal wages

Take a tougher line on companies breaking minimum wage laws and issue the maximum financial penalties

Why is this important?

Too many companies are breaking the law by not paying hard working staff the legal minimum wage - and they’re getting away with it. The people who are being short changed the most are those who can least afford it - carers looking after the elderly, people in hospitality working back breaking 12 hour shifts.

HMRC is in charge of investigating companies for paying below minimum wage but catch only a small number of the companies paying illegal wages. When companies are caught, they pay on average only 90% of the wages they owe - making it cheaper to break the law than pay workers properly.

HMRC can fine dodgy companies up to 200% of the lost wages, but they rarely do. Bigger fines would make businesses much less likely to break the law and make sure fewer workers are paid illegally low wages.



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