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To: The Minister for Levelling up, Housing and Communities

Stop building on Harlow's Green Belt

We want the Minister to Instruct the Planning Inspector to stop the Local Development Plan of Epping Forest Distrcict Council.

Why is this important?

The residents of Harlow have not been consulted at any stage of the Local Development Plan process despite the fact that the Plan will affect where we live. Evidence that building on the Green Belt surrounding the town is not needed has been ignored.

How it will be delivered

We will email the signatures to the relevant authorities and also deliver in person to the Secretary for Levelling up, Housing and Communities in order to increase the visibility of this campaign.

Harlow, UK

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2023-04-09 18:06:06 +0100

*** UPDATE APRIL 2023 ***
The Harlow Alliance Party wrote to the Secretary of State in October 2021 and again in March 2023. In the response to the latter a representative from his Department said that as the Planning Inspector appointed to look at the Local Development Plan of Epping Forest DC has signed it off as acceptable in terms of the law, the Minister was unable to intervene. He went on to say that the only action HAP could now take was to seek a Judicial Review in the High Court. Such action would be very costly and if HAP lost the case then we would have to meet the legal costs of EFDC as well as our own.
We have done our best these last four years but cannot take the matter any further. We will however look closely at the Planning Applications when they come forward to ensure they meet the obligations given by the developers in the past.

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