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To: Southampton City Council

Stop Cancellation of Bedford Place Pedestrianisation Zone

Stop Cancellation of Bedford Place Pedestrianisation Zone

Please don't open up Bedford Place to vehicular traffic. Maintain this as a safe area for pedestrians, cyclists and residents with disabilities to enjoy local bars, clubs and restaurants. This was originally a Labour Council initiative but was not strictly political. Supported by central government funding and the full range of Southampton local residents across the political spectrum.

Why is this important?

The Labour Councillors in Southampton originally created this safe space for pedestrians. This is a vibrant area for entertainment and shopping. The opening up of the space for outdoor use for everyone has been hugely beneficial during the pandemic. The continued use will provide some health security for the new-normal and gives safe transit for cyclists and scooter users towards the City centre; and directly promotes a greener, cleaner and safer environment for all. Please don't let this be taken away.

Southampton, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • Removing the extra seating will cripple local businesses that are only just opening back up after the pandemic and stop everyone enjoying their recently-regained freedom to go to the pub.
  • If consultation is important to the new council, I hope they'll consult with all the businesses and customers using these patios now before considering losing them for the sake of 2 measly blocks out of the whole city, it's not like they've blocked a motorway


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