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Stop CETA the new TTIP

Stop CETA the new TTIP

Vote against accepting CETA on the 15th February 2017.

Why is this important?

CETA is the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement . It is very similar to TTIP. Part of it is the Investor Court System which is the same as the ISDS which will enable corporations to sue governments if they pass any laws that the corporation regards as infringing on any expected profits.
the British European Committee B voted not to have an open debate in parliament about it so our only hope now is to persuade our MEPs to vote against it .
Tufts University has performed a study which concludes that if CETA is approved it will lead to job losses, rising unemployment and inequality and the NHS will be threatened as Britain has not ring fenced it, as Germany has done for it's health service.


Reasons for signing

  • It is a threat to the NHS and equqlity