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To: Chelmsford City Council

Stop Chelmsford City Council increasing bereavement charges by 12%

We call on Chelmsford City Council to abandon the immoral proposal to increase bereavement charges by a staggering 12% at a time when many families have lost loved ones due to the pandemic. We ask that this specific budget proposal is presented and discussed at full council and subsequently a decision is taken to remove this proposal from the budget.

Why is this important?

Chelmsford City Council has proposed to raise bereavement charges from April 2021 by 12%, which equates to about £100 for cremations and £200 for burials. At this immensely difficult time, the City Council must think again and look for other savings, or indeed utilise reserves. It is simply immoral to hike up these charges during a pandemic.

We believe the City Council should be caring for its local residents at this difficult time.

Please lend us your support in this endeavour.
Chelmsford, UK

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