To: Sajid Javid MP (Local government minister) and all local councils

Save our pubs and live music venues

Save our pubs and live music venues

Stop closing down pubs and live music venues due to complaints from developers who want to build new homes nearby or people who have recently moved into the area.

Why is this important?

Too many pubs are either being closed down or restricted so much, that they lose business and ultimately fail. Pubs that have been the hub of the community now face closure because of houses being built next to them.

If you move next to a pub, you should have to accept that there will be noise. If you can't accept it then don't buy a home near a public house or anything similar. These places have been here long before you and will be here long after you have moved on, lets keep it that way.

I play in a band and I’ve seen countless amazing venues close due to complaints from greedy developers. Pubs are the heart and soul of our communities and we should be doing everything we can to save them.

When you move next to a church, you don’t complain about the bells, if you move next to a big road you expect noise from cars, it should be the same for people who move next to pubs.

Leave our pubs alone!

Reasons for signing

  • Small local live venues help support up and coming local talent as well as the ability to bring our community closer together. These are the places where people can laugh dance and fall in love with old friends and new.
  • They are an essential part of living in the capital
  • Protecting local pubs is vital to conserving British culture and its appeal to tourists.


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