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To: CEO Costa Coffee

Stop Costa Coffee from hurting Bella's


Some good news for the Christmas and New Year period! Costa have changed their mind about moving into the old ticket office and are not planning to move in at this time. So Sam and Maggie at Bella’s have a huge amount of worry and stress lifted from them.

Costa eventually responded to Caroline Ansell, our MP and Christina Ewbank the CEO of the Eastbourne Chamber of Commerce both of whom made independent representations to Costa. Costa’s letters had the same message – they are not planning to move into the Eastbourne Terminus. The reason they gave was the effect the COVID19 pandemic was having on rail travel so there was insufficient justification for opening up a new outlet. We will keep an eye on things next year so there is a need to remain vigilant.

I am sure that Costa were well aware of the feelings of our community so our support added extra weight to all the letters sent to them. Our Mayor Steve Wallis also wrote to Costa and he may yet receive a reply from them. We had support from various companies in Eastbourne, councillors, David Ruddle of The Best of Eastbourne and, of course, The Eastbourne Herald gave us visibility through their regular reports.

The thing that really makes me happy is how an extended community of people, companies, organisations, councillors, the Mayor and our MP can come together and speak with a strong voice. What I have learned (again!) is that if you look for the good things in a community, you will certainly find them.

My warmest wishes to you for the Christmas period and the New Year.


Stop Costa Coffee from hurting Bella's

Please don't threaten a local Eastbourne Cafe by moving in next door to them.

Why is this important?

Costa Coffee has applied to set up a cafe in the Eastbourne railway station, right next door to Bella's Cafe, a local business.

This move threatens the very existence of Bella's, a cafe that has survived rail strikes, austerity, a COVID19 lock-down and is now faced with overwhelming opposition. Costa has already three coffee bars in Eastbourne and one of them is directly across the road from the station!

Bella's is well liked in the community and has won awards for its service. It has endured a terrible business climate to serve its customers to a high standard. They are a local employer and have even provided discounts for NHS front-line staff.

Costa's move, if it goes ahead, will be seen as commercial predation and domination where a large corporation rides roughshod over a local business.

We therefore ask you not to go ahead with the establishment of a coffee bar in the Eastbourne Railway Terminus.

Eastbourne, UK

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Reasons for signing

  • This is a lovely independent coffee shop in Eastbourne station. Looks like its survival is threatened by the heavy weight Costa Coffee chain. Please help keep our local buisness going by signing this.
  • There is already a large Costa just over the road from the station - a 10 second walk. This new branch is clearly about destroying competition and creating a monopoly.
  • To support a local business but also because it would be an ideal site for the visitors information centre rather than the Congress - far more accessible to visitors and right in the middle of town.


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