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To: Chloe Smith MP

Stop delaying PIP payments to Newly Disabled

Stop delaying PIP payments to Newly Disabled

Having become Newly Disabled due to stroke, I spoke to the DWP regarding Personal Independence Payment and they informed me that assessment will take 4-5 months. This is totally unacceptable! The stress of waiting this long just for a decision will exacerbate, and impede recovery of, many conditions. Not to mention the financial hardships that may result. Newly disabled people already face the task of coming to terms with a life changing condition and should not be impacted further by the incompetence and apathy of government. Steps must be taken to ensure assessment and processing are completed in a timely manner to ensure that newly disabled people can experience their best chance of normality without unnecessary stress or financial impediment

Why is this important?

A life changing event is traumatic enough and recovery albeit physical, mental or financial, must not be impeded by government incompetence or apathy.



2021-11-22 12:40:36 +0000

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