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To: Boris Johnson, Prime Minister and Priti Patel, Home Secretary

Stop deportations until the Windrush report is published

Stop the automatic deportations of people until the Windrush report is published

Why is this important?

The UK government are planning to deport dozens of people - including many who’ve lived in the UK since they were children - to Jamaica. This means ripping them from their communities and sending them to a country they don’t know and tearing their families apart.

The government claim they’re doing it because all of these people are extreme criminals, but there's mounting evidence this isn't the case. And the ones who have been convicted have already served their time. Deporting them would mean punishing them twice - just because they weren’t born here.

The Home Office is also facing legal action over a phone signal outage in the Heathrow detention centres. People detained there have been facing deportation without properly working phones, which are their lifelines to solicitors who could help them challenge wrongful removal.


Reasons for signing

  • Because others deserve the same opportunities that Priti Patel and her parents received.
  • Sometimes I'm made to feel ashamed by our government who are supposed to represent us as British people. This rushing to deport people is an obvious ploy to sacrifice true justice by the tactic of extremist right wing ideology. You Don't have to be a National Front (or similar) member to be a racist. You just dump natural decent and fair thinking.
  • Family and friends


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