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Stop disabled Hooria and her family being removed from UK

Stop disabled Hooria and her family being removed from UK

The Home Office are trying to remove Hooria from the UK. Please stop Hooria and her family being removed from the UK.

Why is this important?

Hooria is a 21 year old cerebral palsy patient with learning difficulties and special needs with a history of epilepsy and vision problems. She is wheelchair bound and requires around the clock care. Hooria came to the UK 10 years ago (2007) from Pakistan with her parents, brother and sister who she is emotionally attached to and physically dependent upon.

Hooria is originally from Pakistan. Access to healthcare for people with disabilities in Pakistan is very poor. Hooria faced a lot of physical and emotional abuse from healthcare professionals and schools in Pakistan. She had been discriminated due to her disability. She experienced seizures, which were sometimes 3 times a day, but was terrified to go hospital. Due to her complicated health needs, doctors prescribed her medication that showed no improvement in her health and showed no interest in her. Hooria’s family saw a massive deterioration in her health.

This changed when Hooria moved to the UK. Throughout the 10 years, Hooria has settled in England where she has: made friends, learned English, been able to access buildings and buses and has started to trust people. Her health has improved tremendously and her epileptic seizures have reduced. She looks forward to going school and her day ahead of her. Hooria and her family have made their own private life and settled down. Her elder sister is married to a British citizen since 2013 and lives with her husband and two children who Hooria adores and loves.

Hooria considers this country to be her own home. Therefore, Hooria’s family applied to become permanent citizen in the UK for the welfare of Hooria, however the home office refused this and they are trying to remove the family from the UK and forcing them to return back to Pakistan.

Hooria is not willing to go back to Pakistan due to her previous experiences, which have caused her a lot of stress and anxiety. Hooria believes UK is a home for her and her small family. She is stable in the UK, if she were to go back all the hard work her family, health professionals and teachers have put into supporting Hooria will be reversed, as there are no rights for people with disability in Pakistan, who are mostly secluded and seen as a burden in the society. At this present moment Hooria is in a state of shock and makes comments like if she goes back to Pakistan “I will die”, “no one cares there”, “they hate me”. Please support Hooria and her family to remain in this country.

Reasons for signing

  • Its so sad
  • please let her stay
  • Everybody has a right for a good life


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I have attached a link on this regarding the attitude to disabled people in Pakistan.

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