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stop down grading our Hospital

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Ernie Williams
stop down grading our Hospital

we demand that the trust cease all downgrading of the South West Acute Hospital in Enniskillen immediately, a process they have been involved in for the past number of years, the final straw is plans to move the exemplary stroke unit out of the SWAH to either Omagh or Derry/Londonderry, this hospital is a state of the art and merits the complete opposite of what the Trust are planning, we the people of Fermanagh demand that more effort from the WH&SCT to turn the downgrading process around and return more acute services along with adequate staffing to ensure our Hospital meets and even go beyond the purpose it was constructed for

Why is this important?

the people of Fermanagh fought hard against strong opposition to have this Acute hospital located in Enniskillen, so it is important that all efforts to thwart it's advancement be met with strong opposition by the very people it is to serve, our councilor's have done little or nothing to halt the axe being used in the down grading process, instead are swallowing excuse after excuse from the WH&SCT, our MLAs are doing even less, so let's see what the people can achieve

How it will be delivered

this petition will be delivered directly to the CEO of the WH&SCT when we have enough signatories or at end of its term, whichever comes first

South West Acute Hospital


Reasons for signing

  • It is important that the people of Fermanagh have a fully functioning hospital with a full range of services to provide for their health needs and not have to travel long distances for this. Having to travel such distances for health care, which can be delivered locally will increase the morbidity and mortality rates in Fermanagh.
  • We need to have our voices heard and have equality of services and accessable healthcare for all.
  • Shocking that there are now plans to downgrade this new state of the art hospital after all the investment in building and staffing it.


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we have past the 540 mark would like to thank all who have taken the time to sign and share, unfortunately still a large number couldhave but for reasons known only to themselves haven't bothered

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