To: Chris Grayling MP, Leader of the House

Stop Filibustering in The House Of Commons

Ban filibustering as a way of derailing debate and using up time that should be spent on the serious issue of representing the people.

Why is this important?

We deserve a certain standard of behaviour and serious protocols in the House of Parliament to ensure the business of running our country is done in an efficient and balanced way. Politicians should stop employing tactics to side rail issues that are important to us, the population of this country.


Reasons for signing

  • this is one of the two most exclusive debating clubs in the UK. MP's are there to represent those who have voted for them and should ensure that they are doing this and not just gong for cheap laughs at the public's expense. Those with serious issues to discuss are in a position to do this in the public interest - that's democracy. The TV cameras present serve both to impede and enhance the democratic process.
  • Parliament mostly runs like a public school, with public schoolboy behaviour too - just one of the reasons why so many people hold politicians in contempt.
  • As a person with a hearing problem it makes it very difficult for me to understand what is being said when there is other noise in the background so I can't hear what the person speaking is saying in a lot of political debates in parliament. The MPs are suppose to be having a serious discussions not behaving like hooligans at a football match.


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