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To: Chris Grayling MP, Leader of the House

Stop Filibustering in The House Of Commons

Ban filibustering as a way of derailing debate and using up time that should be spent on the serious issue of representing the people.

Why is this important?

We deserve a certain standard of behaviour and serious protocols in the House of Parliament to ensure the business of running our country is done in an efficient and balanced way. Politicians should stop employing tactics to side rail issues that are important to us, the population of this country.


Reasons for signing

  • Politicians have a duty to take all discussions seriously and treat all issues with respect.
  • In a time where we are seeing participation and voter apathy on the rise, we need to restore the electorates faith in the system. This will not be achieved by political waffling.
  • It's highly wrong and childish to over talk to avoid an important matter just so they can get what they want


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