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To: Kit Malthouse MP - Minister for Policing, National Police Chiefs' Council and CPS

Stop forcing sexual assault survivors to hand in their phones in investigations

Stop or change the use of 'digital device extraction' forms that force sexual assault survivors to give up their phones and access to social media accounts

Why is this important?

Survivors of rape and sexual assault are being forced to hand over their phones and social media accounts to the police - or risk their attackers walking free. Instead of making sure victims and survivors are safe and supported, police want to pick apart years of text messages, photos and personal memories - making survivors feel as if they're the ones on trial.

Key digital evidence could be given to police and disclosed in court without excessive phone downloads being taken that risk being used for fishing expeditions into victims' pasts.

One woman has said: "My phone documents many of the most personal moments in my life and the thought of strangers combing through it, to try to use it against me, makes me feel like I'm being violated once again."

The NPCC and CPS are already facing a backlash against the plans. If thousands of us sign this petition and add our voices, we can make sure they backtrack.




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