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To: Welsh government


We need to put an end to licencing fox hunts on Natural Resources Wales land, not least because its unnecessary. The fox pictured in the photo attached was the victim of a Welsh pack - used to train young hounds. We believe this fox had been strung up and dangled to excite hounds into attacking her. These foot packs (gun packs) are the same hunts obtaining licences from Natural Resources Wales to hunt our Welsh forests. These hunts are only allowed to hunt one forest 'twice only' in a season but we believe they are changing the name of their hunts to obtain more licences.

Why is this important?

It is outrageous that fox hunts are still being allowed to kill and maim foxes in Welsh forests. the last date for killing our foxes on public land occurred 30th December 2018 - just a week ago. Please sign and share this petition to put an end to this cruelty.

How it will be delivered

This petition will be handed over the Welsh Government in protest at fox hunts being allowed access to Welsh forests. I will stage a press conference.


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2018-10-27 23:25:43 +0100

Today we had a meeting with our Assembly Member who understands and sympathises with our position with regard to the UK's dwindling wildlife. We feel the meeting went well in that we included all the arguments in favour of putting an end to those who partake in recreational animal abuse. The pro blood sports lobby (Countryside Alliance) are putting extreme pressure on to the Welsh government to ignore those who they regard as animal rights nutters, most of whom, they say, are not from Wales. However we reminded our Assembly member that many people also holiday in Wales and don't want to see animal abusers in and around our forests terrorising and killing foxes. Please keep sharing this petition. We aim to publicise this petition in the media before Christmas when it will be handed over to the Welsh Government.
We cannot allow a minority of animal killers to carry on terrorising our beautiful fox population. Onwards and upwards. Let's win this!

2018-10-24 18:41:59 +0100

This petition is going quite well thanks to good people opposed to hunt cruelty. But I feel I need to inform the public that a spokesperson for Natural Resources Wales has made it clear that they allow gun packs access to the woodland and keys to trail barriers - locked to others like you and me. NRW's reminded us that the hunt that calls itself the Betws Y Coed fox control Society have insurance. In other words, they are protected against accidental whatever...Not much comfort to those who might find themselves taking a bullet.

2018-10-24 17:09:17 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

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2018-10-24 10:41:25 +0100

This petition is gathering speed and will send a very important message to the Labour led Welsh government that recreational animal abuse by a minority on publicly owned forestry land is not acceptable to the vast majority of the Welsh public. Labour did significant research pre ban on fox predation on hill farms - prior to the ban becoming law back in 2005 - and concluded that foxes did not pose a threat to farmers livelihoods. It should also be noted that in many decades of photographic technology there is still NO proof that foxes take healthy lambs.

2018-10-24 07:35:50 +0100

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