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To: Dorset County Council

Stop Fracking in Dorset County Council

We call on the local council to reject all fracking applications. We want no fracking in Dorset or any where in the country, it is dangerous, and the potential for issues especially relating to water supply and use of chemicals is very apparent

Why is this important?

Horizontal hydraulic fracturing, ‘fracking’, is a way of extracting oil and/or gas. Water, sand and toxic chemicals are injected at high pressure into underground rocks to shatter them. This releases the gas/oil which can be collected. It is possibly it will contaminate our water supply, the chemicals will be damaging the amounts used are great. The amount of water that has be driven into each site is enormous, a waste of fresh water, and the impact on the environment is jst too great. We need investment in renewables not in damaging fossil fuels.

But investing in carbon-intensive fossil fuels is a distraction from the need to decarbonise our electricity supply.

And it's hazardous. Studies show that fracking pollutes water supplies (with arsenic and lead), causes earthquakes, and spoils local communities.

And there are nightmare stories coming form the States.

Like in the town of Dimock, PA, residents have reported their water turning so brown that it stains crockery. Their water was later found to contain methane, and a host of toxic chemicals.

But it gets worse.

"My son had sores up and down his legs from the water."
" My daughter... would have to get out the of the shower and lay on the floor."

Those are the words from Greg Saunter, a local resident, whose water supply was shut off for his own good. He cannot shower in his own home. Or drink water out of his taps.

Fracking has ruined his life. It cannot happen here.

We call on the council to preserve the quality of life of its residents, and reject all planning applications for fracking.

Dorset, United Kingdom

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