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To: The Boris Johnson government and the Environment agency

Stop fracking in the UK

Stop fracking in the UK

Bring in a ban on fracking in the UK

Why is this important?

On Thursday 15th August 2019 the firm Cuadrilla started fracking a second well at Preston New Road near Blackpool in Lancashire. Cuadrilla had obtained permission to do so from the Environment Agency.

This was despite a recent admission that Cuadrilla's well that was fracked in October 2018 has now suffered cement failure. They have also previously cold-vented gases over local communities. Already earth tremors have re-started. The site is located near to nuclear facilities.

Lancashire County Council had voted not to permit fracking but had been overruled by central government. Other fracking sites are being opened up throughout England. Tell the government to ban this dirty, dangerous fossil fuel industry and protect England's green and pleasant land!


Reasons for signing

  • Fracking is bad for us all, and for the planet. Let's keep trying to get a ban before our country and our world is detroyed.


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