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To: Tameside council. The Houses of Parliment.

Stop Fracking in Tameside.

Stop Fracking in Tameside.

Dear Tameside Council we would like to request that you stop any plans and considerations you might have for Fracking in the Tameside area.

Why is this important?

Fracking is quite possibly one of the most dangerous forms of creating energy ever invented. Whilst drilling chemicals are released into the ground with the water that get released into the environment. The chemicals are supposed to stay in the concrete pipes but they rarely do... The pipes crack and the chemicals leak into the environment and into our drinking water. Also the chemicals are released into the atmosphere leaving people and animals to breath this toxic mixture of chemicals into their body. The result is illness, disability, cancers, unable to drink tap water, our animals dying and our plants dying. The result is a whole toxic mess... And then there's the earth tremors and earthquakes.

How it will be delivered

Email, deliver and stage a press conference.

Tameside District, United Kingdom

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Reasons for signing

  • It is a health risk and will exacerbate climate change
  • I live in Tameside and I don't think fracking is a good idea at all anywhere let alone here
  • Tesla knew the knowledge, these people don't. And that's why I'm in.


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