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To: The FA

Stop gambling companies broadcasting football

Take away FA Cup broadcasting rights from betting companies

Why is this important?

For too many football fans, it’s not possible to watch a football match unless they have multiple bets. With betting companies showing matches for free as long as you place a bet, the link between football and problem gambling is made even stronger.

By selling broadcasting rights to betting companies like Bet 365, the FA is fuelling a gambling addiction crisis. The NHS estimates that more than 400,000 people in England have a gambling addiction. It’s costing the UK £1.2 bn a year and has ruined lives.

The FA should do the right thing and terminate the contract with all betting companies and not allow them to show live FA Cup matches.

Reasons for signing

  • It is immoral to require people to start gambling to watch the national game for 'free'. The government should stop this, and the FA should be reprimanded and reminded that they should be more responsible. Unfortunately they don't have a good track record and need to address their poor reputation.
  • This is wrong.
  • The FA should act responsibly!


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