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To: UK Government

Stop Genocide in the South Cameroons

Stop Genocide in the South Cameroons

- Call for a ceasefire in the conflict between the Former British Southern Cameroon's and the French CameroUn.
- Summon a United Nations Security Council meeting and call on French CameroUn to withdraw its forces of occupation in the Southern Cameroons.
- Invite the United Nations Secretary General to order the deployment of UN Peacekeeping forces in the Southern Cameroon's to push back French CameroUn soldiers trying to invade and occupy the Southern Cameroons.
- Call for a release of Southern Cameroonians plus their Leadership kidnapped/abducted and are illegally being held against their wish in concentration camps spread all over French CameroUn.

Why is this important?

This has claimed over 10,000 lives already in the Southern Cameroons. Sent 500,000 as refugees to Nigeria and rendered 2 million displaced as IDPS in the Southern Cameroons. Adults and children forced out of hospitals, education and work. This needs to be recognised and acted upon by an international criminal courts. Medical and food shortages are now a big problem. Creating a 3 year conflict that needs to end.



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