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To: Lambeth Council

Stop Greedy Property Developers from STEALING our Right to Day Light & IMPRISONING us in Our Homes!!

This petition is to compel Lambeth, to fulfil their duty and provide a copy of the structural plans and light survey for this development. The roads affected are Wyatt Park Road, Wavertree Road and Daysbrook Road, a horseshoe of 3 roads off Streatham Hill, SW2

Why is this important?

We’re regular people being denied our statutory legal rights by Lambeth our local council. A 3 storey ‘luxury’ block is being built inches from our back gardens without consulting us - the local residents. If the development succeeds, we will lose ALL our natural light! Further despite being asked numerous times via email, in writing and during face to face meetings they have REFUSED to supply full unedited structural plans with elevations and measurements or any information about the structures being built blocking ALL of the natural lighting from residents that have been living here for up to 30 years.

If Lambeth and the Developers succeed in this construction without legal consequences, they will have effectively written the rule book on how to circumvent planning laws i.e. don’t tell residents about local developments thereby denying them their legal and statutory rights to challenge them. They would have set a precedent. Residents across London will lose their rights to vital life changing information about their own neighbourhood. Help give us a voice and help others that will face this problem!

London SW2 3TN

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