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To: Christ Church, Oxford

Stop Green Belt Destruction in Oxfordshire

Stop Green Belt Destruction in Oxfordshire

We want Christ Church, registered owner of what is now being called “Land North of Bayswater Brook” (LNBB) to withdraw their application to build 1100 executive houses, to save our greenbelt, Sydlings Copse and College Pond, a site of special scientific interest.

Why is this important?

Meadows and fields from the edge of Sandhills in the east, crossing Barton, down to the Elsfield Road in the west would be lost forever to 1100 hugely expensive executive-style-homes, plus an access road to service two-three cars per household linking to Bayswater Road. Air toxicity levels are already damagingly high, and the development would add further congestion-creating traffic in what is now vital Green belt land, thus affecting the health and well-being of existing residents.


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Reasons for signing

  • We need green spaces with trees to stop pollution and to enable us to have 'green lungs' for our city.
  • The green belt belongs to us all. It was a brilliant idea in the first place, is precious to everyone, and once gone is gone forever. The only people to benefit are a handful of developers, destroying it for their own profit and everyone else's detriment.
  • Sacreligious to use Green Belt land. but if really required, then rather affordable housing for the everyman which is high energy performance and VERY low impact...


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