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Stop handing out plastic bags for fruit and veg

Stop handing out plastic bags for fruit and veg

Please replace the thin plastic bags provided for fruit and veg with paper bags.

Why is this important?

It was a great step that you phased out free plastic bags at the tills, but thin plastic bags are still freely available in the fruit and veg isles. They contribute to our consumption and waste of plastic, so, as a matter of principle, they should no longer be used.

But matters are made worse, because a considerable number of customers just grab a handful of them when they enter the shop, use as many as they actually need, and leave the remainder in the shopping trolleys, which are then parked outside. All too often the wind then gets hold of these bags, and they end up anywhere around town and country. This is bad for nature and wildlife in any location. But it becomes even worse in coastal towns, such as for instance North Berwick, where the TESCO store is only a few hundred yards away from the sea, and the majority of these bags then end up there and add to the damage of marine wildlife.



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