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To: Ray Radford

Stop Hitchcocks Expansion

Stop Hitchcocks Expansion

Take public opinion in the Uffculme and Willand surrounds very carefully into account in the decisions made about the proposed expansions to Hitchcocks Business Park: 19/00928/MFUL [Uffculme Devon].

Why is this important?

Dear Mr Radford,

We, the members of the communities of Uffculme and Willand, strongly object to the proposed expansion of Hitchcocks Business Park [32 hectares (80 football fields) of agricultural/Greenfield land]. We have objections on four grounds:

(1) The plan stands in stark contrast to county and national policies to avoid building on Greenfield land and contrasts bluntly to recent promises of working towards a zero emissions economy.

(2) The plan would contribute to a permanent change to the character of the local area: from rural tranquillity to an industrial landscape. Especially when combining this plan with the proposed development of 70 hectares [175 football fields] at junction 27;

(3) It would negatively impact on road safety; with special concern for the junctions leading to and from Uffculme School, and

(4) It would unquestionably have a negative impact on community health and wellbeing with an additional 700 cars and 60 lorries going in and out of Hitchcocks with their fumes, light and noise.

Thank you for taking these objections into account when you make your final decision regarding the Application.

Yours sincerely,
The people of Uffculme and Willand.

Hitchcocks Business Park, Willand, Devon, Junction 27, EX15 3FA

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Reasons for signing

  • We are being totally swamped by overdevelopment, it is sheer abuse of the local environment and the community. We need our prime agricultural land, we do not need more traffic, pollution, noise etc. What about the environmental crisis we are in, we have to look beyond the short term profits of the greedy few.
  • This development is right on the edge of and be the same size as our village. It's huge! Is being built on agricultural land and will increase noise, traffic and pollution.
  • If we wanted to live in a industrialised we would not move to Uffculme a place we really enjoy the people countryside


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