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To: Boris Johnson

Stop HS2 and spend the money on flood defences.

Stop HS2 and spend the money on flood defences.

Please use the money set aside for HS2 for proper flood defences around Britain instead.

Why is this important?

In 2015 /16 disastrous floods hit parts of Britain. People's homes and livelihoods were wrecked. The cost to the country was enormous.
Now in 2020, the same thing has occurred again. Although the government has invested around £4 billion for flood defences around the country, it has not been nearly enough to prevent further flooding.
The flooding of people's homes and businesses is wrecking lives, causing misery and spiralling costs to individuals, companies, insurance companies and to the country as a whole.
The problem of flooding is not going to go away. Climate change is bringing ever-increasing rainfall and adverse weather and it is clear that the government's current flood defence plans and budget are inadequate. We need more money to be spent on all affected areas, with proper planning and a better, fully-funded strategy.
We cannot afford to spend billions on HS2 and yet leave so many people desperate because they have lost everything.


Reasons for signing

  • I live in York which has been badly affected by flooding including the surrounding areas of North Yorkshire. HS2 is very expensive and will be over budget and it should be stopped now.


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