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To: Rebecca Wolfe



I want like most people want the Scottish Governent to put in place rules to protect our wildlife from hunters murdering beautiful living innocent creatures for sport

It’s immoral and disgusting to say the least

Why is this important?

To stop this woman and all people thinking it is okay to hunt animals for sport

Why anyone would think it is morally just to kill a innocent creature is beyond me and for nothing more but because they believe it to be fun

Inverness IV3 5NX

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Reasons for signing

  • The slaughter of innocent wildlife for so-called sport and paying to kill it is deplorable; no-one should ever be allowed to do it. Where does this become a sport? Using a high-powered rifle from distance is not clever. Let animals die of natural causes. Yes, I accept you may need to cull occasionally, but that is another matter. This isn't killing to help save numbers. It is killing for killing sake. No more, no less. Prosecute with a hefty fine to discourage others.


2020-06-08 07:50:32 +0100

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