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To: East Northants Development & Control Commitee

Stop Jack’s Green Caravan Park Development

Stop Jack’s Green Caravan Park Development

East Northamptonshire Council received two Applications for Caravan Parks, two miles apart. Fine Shade (70 lodges) and Jack’s Green (66). On 18 Feb 2015 the Fine Shade application was turned down. We, the undersigned, are now calling on ENC to turn down the application for Jack’s Green.

Why is this important?

To allow Jack’s Green development to go ahead would be illogical and wrong: Jack’s Green is a wilder version of Fine Shade with the wildlife and nature still undisturbed. The traffic congestion will be bigger (smaller roads), it is a new development as opposed to enlargement of an existing one. In addition to dormice (protected species on both sites) there are two extremely rare butterflies at Jack’s Green (purple emperor and black hairstreak) and the protected violet click beetle (only 1 of 3 sites in the whole of the UK). Also, Jack’s Green is close to the area of outstanding natural beauty (SSSI Belford Purlieus Ancient Woodlands).

Any decision to approve Jack’s Green development would be made against public opinion. Please turn down this application on the same grounds you turned down Fine Shade Development.

Keep Fine Shade fine and keep Jack’s Green green.

Northamptonshire, Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire

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Reasons for signing

  • There just isn't enough of this unspoilt countryside left
  • We have so little forest in this country now,We really need to look after it and nurture it!!
  • You cannot grow back ancient woodlands Destroy this woodland - destroy the habitat - destroy the beetle


2015-03-11 20:42:46 +0000

Dear petitioners,

Today, 11 March, the Application was to be decided. Yesterday I spoke to George Russell at East Northants Council to ask when Jack's Green was to be discussed to present our petition. Mr. Russell informed me the decision was unlikely to be made before June!

So the immediate pressure is off but there is a danger that we will become 'tired' in a long campaign. After all, we are volunteers fighting professionals who spend all their time on their 'campaign'. We have to fit our campaigning around our daily bread - please do not let the issue drop!

240 signed and the Council still refuses to carry out Environmental Assessment! Please do ask your friends to sign. Do contact me on [email protected] if you need help or you can help. Our next step is to write articles for village magazines - there are quite a lot of people who are unaware of the development as we found out when phoning around.

Keep Fine Shade fine. Keep Jack’s Green green. Keep at it.


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