To: Cyprus and Malta Governments

Stop Migrating Birds being slaughtered in Malta and Cyprus

Stop Migrating Birds being slaughtered in Malta and Cyprus

Dear Presidents of Malta and Cyprus Millions of songbirds migrating across Cyprus and Malta every Autumn are slaughtered by "hunters" or by cruel methods. Unless this is stopped we won't have any song birds left! It is already against EU rules, why don't you do something about it!!! NOW!!!

Why is this important?

Cyprus and Malta and other Mediterranean continually break EU legislation by allowing "hunters" and other cruel methods to kill lovely birds migrating across their countries every Autumn. This must be stopped NOW, otherwise our bird populations will be gradually wiped out forever. Cyprus is President of the EU for this 6 months, why don't they use this to stop this unnecessary cruelty? STOP IT NOW!!!!


Reasons for signing

  • It's no use us just talking about 'lovely songbirds' (of course they are) to hunters who thrill to collecting trophies. We also need to re-educate our uyoung to value the ecosystems which birds are part of. Less birds mean more insecticides meaning less pollinators... we interfere on a huge scale at our own foodchain's risk.
  • Unless this barbaric practice is stopped in Cyprus and Malta we won't have any song birds left.
  • Pointless acts!


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