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To: House of Lords and House of Commons

Stop Naming the August Bank Holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day

Stop Naming the August Bank Holiday as Margaret Thatcher Day

Not to name the August bank holiday as Margaret Thatcher day.

Why is this important?

The bill is about to have its second reading on the 28/2/2014.

The general public are not aware of this occurring and I as an individual
of this so called democracy would be highly offended if they took to renaming the bank holiday after such a destructive and demoralising woman like Thatcher. Not everyone in this country lives by her values, far from it. Caring for others and being part of a large society is not a weakness.

It's an insult to Miners, socialists, families of the Hillsborough Disaster and too many more to name.


Reasons for signing

  • I decided to sing because Margaret thatcher left a legacy of destroyed industry and a lack of social housing only benefiting the elites and not the poor and middle class. There is no way why she has made Britain great and whilst she was a strong women and individual. her legacy is only that of tyranny and ruthlessness.
  • this woman destroyed the working mans rights , and put 6 million out of work
  • If this Bank Holiday ends up being called 'Thatcher Day' I, for one, will feel compelled to boycott it and go to work.


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Here is the official parliament 'progress of the bill' page

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