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To: Department for Transport

Stop New Flight Paths out of Gatwick Airport

Stop the new flight path trials sponsored by Gatwick Airport and NATS that are bringing misery to thousands of hard working people.

CAGNE - Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

Why is this important?

It is wrong that the Government endorse such misery for commercial gain of a privately owned airport and traffic control body. Whilst destroying families quality of life who have never had to suffer flight paths before.

Consultations were not used for new flight path trial over conservation parish and neighbouring parishes.

National flight path consultation used by Gatwick Airport showed no flight path route maps and discriminated against the elderly and poor that do not have internet access - no voice for them.

Please sign and put a stop to aviation free-for-all of our skies and stop the damage they cause to our environment, quality of life for their personal gain.

Whilst runways lay empty to the north of the M25, make airlines use these before bringing misery to more hardworking taxpayers of the south east.

Thank you

Communities Against Gatwick Noise and Emissions

How it will be delivered

Deliver them in person to No 10.

Warnham, West Sussex

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