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To: Derbyshire (Erewash) CCG

Stop NHS Cuts In Erewash

Stop NHS Cuts In Erewash

Stop and reverse cuts to health services in Erewash:
- Reverse cuts to Ilkeston Hospital Minor Injuries Unit opening hours which began on 2nd July.
- Rule out cuts to beds for Ilkeston Hospital.
- Halt "catastrophic" grant cuts to local charities by the Erewash Clinical Commissioning Group.

Why is this important?

We love our NHS and oppose cuts.

Ilkeston Hospital lost its Walk-in Centre and has now been dealt another blow, with the reduction in opening hours of the Minor Injuries Unit, which now closes 2 hours earlier. Further proposals to save money must rule out further reduction in the number of beds!

The NHS in Derbyshire is facing a £80 million funding “gap” this year due to underfunding.
Derbyshire's independent health watchdog has called for "meaningful public engagement" in the CCGs plans to recover the shortfall, which currently has given little opportunity for public consultation.

In addition to the cuts to the hospital, almost 40 not-for-profit charitable organisations in Derbyshire face losing the entirety of their funding if the CCG's plans to cut the £1.1million grant scheme go ahead.

Enough is enough, it’s time to fight these cuts, and give our local NHS the funding it needs.

Erewash District

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Reasons for signing

  • if we allow these cuts to go ahead no doubt about it that not too far down the line will be the complete closure of Ilkeston Hospital.
  • There aren't enough beds at Ilkeston hospital, we need more services not less.
  • Why would you want to close such a useful local hospital - travelling now to the other side of Derby can be a nightmare since the DRI was shut down in favour of the City hospital so a local one in the Ilkeston are is a must and takes the strain off the larger ones anyhow so I’m gobsmacked 😶- why anyone would think this is a good idea


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