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To: Mary Creagh, chair of environmental audit committee

Stop non recyclable wrapping paper!

Stop non recyclable wrapping paper!

Please help stop metallicised/plasticised gift wrap being made or at least demand it be better labelled for shoppers to make an informed buying decision.

Why is this important?

David Attenborough no less has suggested we might like to change our ways to avoid boiling seas and the End of Days!

Changing our preferred type of gift wrap is an easy win.
How much landfill is taken up with clearing away xmas?
Aiming to make this change on wrapping paper is a small step in the right direction.

Gift wrap that crumples up and stays crumpled can be recycled.
Demand better labelling.

We're ALL affected by this.
The crumply, recyclable paper hides presents just as well.



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