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To: Scarborough Borough Council

Stop North York Moors Public Toilet Closures

Stop North York Moors Public Toilet Closures

Please abandon your plan to close public toilets in the following areas of the Borough and North York Moors National Park:-

Castleton, Danby, Egton Bridge, Glaisedale, Grosmont, Lealholm, Ruswarp, Robin Hood's Bay and Runswick Bay.

Why is this important?

There are already many millions of visitors to the area each year, hikers, cyclists and motorists, a number which Scarborough Borough Council's Tourism Strategy is seeking to increase. The removal of public toilets in this area will leave many people in distress and will discourage tourism in the area.

North York Moors National Park

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Reasons for signing

  • Toilets fulfill a basic human need - tell this Government to stop starving local authorities ofmoney!
  • These are necessary facilities for locals and visitors to all these areas.
  • We need these facilities to support the rural economy & visitor needs


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