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To: Justin Madders

Stop Old Chester Road being used as a shortcut / cut through. Making a safer Village for residents.

Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Access as a through route at both ends of Old Chester road means that this residential road (with a high average age of its ‘residents) will not just be bombarded with the current traffic using the road as a short cut. But will also be affected by increased demand for access to the new Medical Centre / Scout Hut / Village Hall / Car Park / Lidl. We propose that Old Chester road be closed off for vehicular access immediately after the entrance to the car park to allow residents to maintain an element of Village life and reduce the speeding traffic that commonly travels this route. The proposal also recommends another entrance to Old Chester Rd from Sutton Way, but removing the through access aspect.

The road is becoming increasingly more residential and being parallel to the A41 and providing a way to avoid the traffic junction means that high traffic levels are commonly experienced. Parking has always been an issue on this road and the proposal could encourage people to park in the new car park and walk through. Overall we feel that this would benefit the community and in particular, residents of Old Chester Rd, Oliver Lane, Cygnet Close and Hallfield Park.
This is not impacting on accessing any businesses / residence - rather directing traffic to the appropriate entrance of purpose for visit.

Why is this important?

Old Chester Rd is currently not a through route due to building works closing off a section of the road. It has been noted by residents how this has improved the safety of our rds as predominantly only residents are now using it. The Lidl / New Medical Centres / Scout hut / Village Hall / Car Park will attract additional visitors and worsen the traffic on our local road and we propose that vehicular access be prohibited after the entrance to the new car park to prevent this. It would not affect the pending Lidl as the plans indicate a pedestrian only access from Old Chester Rd. Given the aged population overall for Old Chester Rd, this does not seem reasonable. Environmental noise levels, pollution, rd crossing risks without crossings all make this proposal preferential to ensure that Great Sutton Village remains a village environment. Implementation of the 20mph speed limit has had zero impact and cars flying down the road are disruptive to sleep and put people and animals at risk. Having 2 access routes and no through access would also increase the safety of businesses and residence on Old Chester Rd, making it less likely that armed robbery attempts would be made given the reduced access to escape.

Old Chester Rd, Great Sutton, Ellesmere Port CH66, UK

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