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To: Parliament

Stop our children being exploited

Stop our children being exploited

Mobile Apps are accessible on many devices,Mobile phones,IPads and tablets etc.
Peadophiles all over the world are preying on our children,and are sometimes even portraying themselves as children,to befriend children,and exploit them,in turn grooming our young children.

Apps which are available to download onto these devices are created overseas,therefore British police,and child sexual exploitation online prevention groups,do not have the power to have these apps removed.

We need the internet service providers,to work with apple and android,among other agencies,and be given jurisdiction on these apps,and have preventative measures in place,to prevent these apps getting on to the devices,of young children.

There needs to be age verification in place,and other security measures,in place,and our police service in the uk,should have the powers in place,to have these apps shut down,when reports are received about them.

At the moment,all that is being done,is that a review can be made on these apps,but that doesn’t stop people from downloading them.

Sign this petition today,and safeguard our children,from predators preying on them.

Why is this important?

Remove the app as it’s disgusting and heart breaking to watch our children being exploited by the hands of peadophiles on these apps.

They are utterly disgusting,and parents need to not be letting their children on any of these kind of sites or apps,as they may not realise they are also exploiting their children to this abuse too.

please help and get new laws set up for child exploitation,as a mother and grandmother I need other adults to be by me,all the way with this!



2020-04-18 22:14:39 +0100

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