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To: The Rt Hon Matt Hancock MP - Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Stop Patients Being Moved to Care Homes Unless Proved Negative of Covid-19

Stop Patients Being Moved to Care Homes Unless Proved Negative of Covid-19

The Department of Health and Social Care, along with the NHS, PHE and the CQC want ALL care homes in the UK to take patients from hospitals, including those who "may have COVID-19, whether symptomatic or asymptomatic." They also state that "Negative tests are not required prior to transfers / admissions into the care home." We would urge them to reconsider this reckless decision and ONLY move patients into care homes, if and only if they test negative and that those tests are carried out 14 days apart. If not, we may see many thousands of unnecessary deaths of vulnerable residents and care workers, who are currently free of the virus. This is an enormously irresponsible and dangerous decision.

Why is this important?

Society's most vulnerable people live in care homes across the land. These people are of all ages and suffer from numerous conditions. They are there because they are unable to take care of themselves, oftentimes not even being able to ascertain what might dangers might befall them and rely on their families and care workers to keep them safe; to keep them alive. This decision (taken on April 2nd) is obviously an extremely dangerous one and is very likely to end in deaths of people who cannot save themselves, that could be and must be avoided. The responsibility is on us - otherwise what kind of a society are we?

My mother is only 75. She developed sepsis in her 60s which affected her memory. Mum lives in a care home where she is happy, healthy, strong and extremely intelligent. She wants to live and has many more quality years available to her. Her life might easily be cut short because of this irresponsible decision by the government to house Covid-19 positive patients in her care home. Even with precautions would you want someone with the virus in the bedroom next to yours and sharing the same carers? No, neither does my Mum.

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The Government Guidelines:
Sky News:


Reasons for signing

  • your putting carers into the front line of the virus let alone the residents. No they shouldn’t be going this
  • Because i am a carer in a care home and it isnt fair on other residents or the staff
  • I have family in care home


2020-04-25 19:55:39 +0100

5,000 signatures reached

2020-04-17 09:24:01 +0100

Channel 4 News last night. Me talking about the situation that we are currently going through: still NO tests in care homes, Mum alone in hospital with the virus and no end to putting Covid-19+ve patients into care homes.

2020-04-16 12:14:53 +0100

We just got the call we have been dreading. Mum's GP thinks that Mum has Covid-19. There are still NO tests available to care homes, despite what Matt Hancock is telling us all. She is the only resident of her care home (one of many with the virus) who they think should be sent to hospital for treatment as the GP thinks she stands a chance if she gets oxygen. I am beside myself. I cannot imagine how the families of the other residents are feeling right now. Please send prayers for them all.

2020-04-15 18:06:58 +0100

You might have heard in today's briefing that Matt Hancock has announced testing in hospital before discharging patients into care homes. What he didn't say - which is the most important part - is when that will start, how widely spread and whether or not Covid-10 +ve patients will still be moved into care homes. Our petition is for only those patients who test NEGATIVE to be moved. That was not mentioned. Keep signing, sharing and re-sharing the petition. Our battle is not yet won. Onwards and upwards. Many in body, one in mind. THANK YOU ALL!

2020-04-15 15:17:58 +0100

Please keep signing, sharing and sharing again. Contact your local MPs, the government, celebrities, local press, the national press, radio stations...this situation is unconscionable. The latest from Reuters "Rate of COVID infections in carehomes may be as high as 70%, head of Four Seasons says"

2020-04-15 13:20:58 +0100

"Care Minister ‘laughs’ when asked about care home deaths by Piers Morgan"
Have you see this? I want to make sure that if you haven't - you see it now. People are telling me that the government are not putting infected people into care homes when I know from first hand experience that they are. When you see this headline - how can anyone possibly believe otherwise?

2020-04-14 21:21:02 +0100

We managed to get a big story about the situation on to the Channel 4 News this evening, so hopefully more people's eyes are being opened to this horror.

2020-04-14 19:09:06 +0100

London's Nightingale Hospital treated 'just 19 coronavirus patients over the Easter weekend' despite the 4,000-capacity facility opening almost two weeks ago after 'established hospitals double their ICU capacity - so why are ANY positive patients being moved into care homes?

2020-04-14 12:28:49 +0100

These headlines are everywhere today. If any proof were needed to illustrate what a heinous decision it was to place positive patients into care homes, this is it: Clearly a care home environment is not safe for residents or staff when the virus is present. I have no words...other than please keep spreading the word - we need to be in a position to confront Matt Hancock as soon as possible. Thank you.

2020-04-13 21:16:14 +0100

Thank you so much to EVERYONE who has signed and shared and supported this petition. We have had almost 1,000 new signatures in 24 hours, so word is spreading - thank goodness.
Here's a link to a video we made (excuse the quality - it's not what we do) but hopefully the message is clear. Onwards and upwards. Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-13 16:16:49 +0100

If 40% of hospital beds are empty, why are they moving ANY patients into care homes?

2020-04-13 13:13:36 +0100

Mystery In Wuhan: Recovered Coronavirus Patients Test Negative ... Then Positive

2020-04-13 13:12:45 +0100

Government Coronavirus Briefing on April 10th - Matt Hancock advises using the same PPE on numerous patients for an entire session (minutes 4.30 to 7.00)

2020-04-13 13:11:19 +0100

Care homes revolt: Worried nursing home bosses defy ministers' calls and refuse to take in hospital patients who haven't been tested for coronavirus

2020-04-13 13:10:48 +0100

Britain's coronavirus care home shame: TWELVE pensioners die in single residence amid claims eldery are being 'abandoned' and up to 1,000 deaths are being 'swept under carpet'

2020-04-12 19:26:20 +0100

Well done, everyone!! 1000 signatures reached and increasing all the time.

We can and will get this horrific decision changed. We have to - too many lives depend on it.

Thank you for caring enough.

Onwards and upwards. Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-12 19:08:29 +0100

1,000 signatures reached

2020-04-12 15:56:46 +0100

Please click this link to see a related news piece on Sky News.

2020-04-12 09:35:42 +0100

Happy Easter Everyone!! I have woken up to 800 signatures, so a great start to the day! I also woke up with the thought, "imagine the outcry if the government policy had said that they were going to put Covid-19 positive patients into children's homes, especially as children are supposedly more immune!" They would NEVER have got away with it. Why then is it okay for our elderly folk to be put at such risk. Onwards and upwards! Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-11 23:11:31 +0100

So, as day 2 of this petition draws to a close we have together made a great achievement: more than 700 signatures. That's over 100 more signatures than day one and will hopefully bode well for the support the petition receives tomorrow. I want to re-iterate that we have absolutely no issues with patients getting care in the homes in which our loved ones live - we just want to be certain that they are no longer carrying the Covid-19 virus and posing any risk to our frail, elderly and vulnerable loved ones, who deserve better. Sleep tight all. Onwards and upwards. Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-11 19:25:45 +0100

Can you believe what we have achieved in less than 48 hours? 600 signatures and rising! This is so important that we have to keep going until we achieve our goal. Keep signing, keep sharing and then keep sharing again. Onwards and upwards. Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-11 16:11:11 +0100

500 signatures reached

2020-04-11 12:31:22 +0100

Well done all of you!! 400 signatures!! Keep signing and sharing. Contact your MPs. Contact your local newspapers. Contact your local radio stations. Contact celebrities. Get the word out there NOW. We have no time to waste. Onwards and upwards. Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-11 10:10:44 +0100

This morning on 11th April 2020, I woke up to a message from a friend with a link to a piece written by Alex Crawford for Sky News. It's an important read which explains eeloquently why care homes (aka home for many of our loved ones) are already so vulnerable. Please read and please keep spreading the word. This MUST be stopped IMMEDIATELY.

2020-04-10 21:50:03 +0100

We did it!!! 300 signatures in 24 hours!! The message is loud and clear - we are extremely concerned about patients who are positive with Covid-19 being moved into care homes, otherwise just known as the homes of our loved ones. Meanwhile, the country is in an enforced lockdown for our safety. We are not allowed within 2 meters/ 6 ft of other people (even though sneezes and coughs can travel much further) and police officers are stopping people who are even in their own gardens or cars, away from anyone else. Also, many carers are amongst the hardest workers for the smallest financial reward; they are not trained medics - when even trained medics (doctors and nurses) are dying from the virus - and yet are being expected to care for people ill with the virus. It is clearly unacceptable to put residents and staff of care homes in such danger. Onwards and upwards to 400 signatures. Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-10 13:10:54 +0100

Well, it couldn't be clearer! In just 16 hours from setting up this petition - my first ever, learning as I go - we have exceeded 200 signatures. Thank you for looking out for the most vulnerable amongst us who cannot look out for themselves. Onwards and upwards to 300 signatures. Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-10 00:17:41 +0100

Thank you so much to the first hundred people who have put their support behind this petition. It is essential that we get enough signatures and fast to put a stop to this current situation and safeguard the vulnerable in care homes asap. Onwards and upwards to the next milestone of 200 signatures. Together we can do this. Many in body, one in mind.

2020-04-10 00:13:47 +0100

100 signatures reached

2020-04-09 22:07:48 +0100

Thank you all so much for your support with this. We understand that patients also need care but not at the expense of the lives of our loved ones, who have no choice in the matter and who are unable to to keep themselves safe. We MUST do it for them. All we are asking is for two negative Covid-19 tests 14 days apart - surely the most sensible approach. Otherwise, our elderly and vulnerable, not to mention the incredible carers taking such good care of them, might all fall like dominoes through absolutely through no fault OR choice of their own. Please sign, share and share again. Lives depend on it.

2020-04-09 22:01:52 +0100

50 signatures reached

2020-04-09 20:40:51 +0100

25 signatures reached

2020-04-09 20:06:30 +0100

10 signatures reached