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To: Conrad Energy

No Polluting Power Stations

There is a proposal to build new gas fuelled power stations at Yeovil Pen Mill Trading Estate and Crewkerne Blacknell Lane Trading Estate. In light of the higher level of air pollutants and potential of water pollution which will be caused by these, we request that Conrad Energy adapt these plans to create energy storage sites instead.

Why is this important?

Higher levels of air pollutants can cause adverse health effects, such as respiratory symptoms, cardiovascular disease, and cancer. There is also the potential for water pollution, which could pose a risk to local residents through the contamination of their drinking water with hazardous chemicals.

These power stations will also also cause an increase in CO2 emissions which is not acceptable in the present Climate Crisis.

Unfortunately planning permission has already been granted for both power stations and cannot be rescinded. However South Somerset District Council's Climate Strategy team have agreed to contact Conrad Energy to discuss alternative solutions.

Building new fossil fuel power plants of any type is completely unacceptable; we need energy solutions that are fit for the 21st Century. We urge Conrad Energy to consider the Climate Emergency and the health and well-being of local residents and adapt their plans to build battery storage sites instead, as the company has agreed to do elsewhere.

The Planning applications can be found here:
References: 18/03482/FUL for Yeovil and 20/03067/FUL for Crewkerne

#NoGasPS #NoToFossilFuels #Conrad Energy

South Somerset District, UK

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