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Stop Plastic packaging at Aldi

Stop Plastic packaging at Aldi

We want Aldi to stop using any plastic packaging on their fresh produce and meat; within 6 months.

Why is this important?

There is now indisputable proof that plastic has and is continuing to damage the environment.
Aldi customers want to feel good when they shop for food, and know they are not adding to this global catastrophe. Only 9% of plastic has EVER been recycled. In the last ten years more plastic has been produced than in the last 50 years!


Reasons for signing

  • The world's first self-funding near-zero CO2 plan can be seen at:
  • Save the planet , every little helps
  • I am becoming increasingly uncomfortable every time I shop for food. Yes I could go to local business who don’t use plastic, but I am usually rushed and need convenience. If we don’t make a stand when will these big supermarkets take the right action.


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